About Us


Serving the Rockford area for almost 17 years

With over 60 years of combined experience


Our Focus

Is serving men and boys and making you feel like you are in a place for guys, not your mom's beauty shop.


One of the Best Compliments We Get

Is when someone walks in for the first time, smiles and says, "Just what I was looking for, a real barbershop."

Our Team

Linda Nichols


Linda has been a barber for 40 years. She does flat tops, fades, regular tapered cuts and more and most of the facial shaves...

Hours: 9:45-6 Tues.& Fri.

9:45 - 4 Thurs.

8-1 Sat.

Hope Swanson


Hope has been doing hair for well over 20 years and has worked most of her career in barbershops. She can do fades, flat tops, tapers and more. 

Hours: 9-4 Tues. & Wed.

9-1 Thurs. & Sat. 

9-6 Friday